Terms of Service

Thanks for using G1PLAYGROUND (“G1PLAYGROUND”, the “Company”, “we”, “our”, “us”) mobile services. G1PLAYGROUND always strives to provide the users (“you”, or “your) with a more convenient way to use our mobile services. These Terms of Service (“Terms”) are universally applied to all our mobile services.

1. 1. Definition 

The definitions of Terms are as follows:

1. 1.1. “Contents” refer to all the apps provided by G1PLAYGROUND. 

2. 1.2. “Mobile Device” refers to a mobile phone, Tablet PC, hand-held game console, and any device that can download/install or use the network of miscellaneous digital content. 

3. 1.3. “Account” is created by the users with the letter and character restrictions provided by G1PLAYGROUND, and it is used to distinguish the users in our “services.” 

4. 1.4. “Password” is created by the user and used to verify the account. 

5. 1.5. “Item” refers to weapon, armor, potion, redeemable ticket, in-game money, token, and data that indicate miscellaneous schedule or random result values. 

6. 1.6. “Location Services” refer to a mobile object or location where you have been at a certain time. 

2. 2. Agree to Terms of Service 

1. 2.1. User needs to subscribe to the Service by agreeing to the Terms and providing personal information. 

2. 2.2. Minors must receive consent from their parents or guardian to use the service. 

3. 2.3. G1PLAYGROUND gives permission of using the Service in the sequence of the request received. However, G1PLAYGROUND can pend permission for the reasons stated below: 

1. 2.3.1. G1PLAYGROUND does not have enough infrastructure space; 

2. 2.3.2. Technical issues exist; and 

3. 2.3.3. Miscellaneous circumstances. 

4. 2.4. If there are no valid reasons to deny or pend permission after you have agreed to the Terms and inputted personal information, G1PLAYGROUND permits users to immediately use the service. However, if G1PLAYGROUND discovers any violations to the Terms, we will restrict or permanently ban the account. 

5. 2.5. The Terms will go into effect once you agree and complete the subscription process. 

3. 3. Effect and Changes to Terms 

1. 3.1. G1PLAYGROUND will modify the Terms in accordance with the law. 

2. 3.2. If G1PLAYGROUND were to modify the Terms, we will state the effective date, reason for the change and notify you electronically via a notice window when you log into the game or message 7 days prior (30 days if the new changes negatively affect our users) to the Terms effective date. 

3. 3.3. If you do not agree to the new Terms, we can terminate the Service. If you continue to use the Service after the new Terms effective date, the Company will assume you have agreed to the Service. 

4. 4. Operating Policies 

1. 4.1. To maintain the order of the Service, G1PLAYGROUND can set details in the Operating Policies not mentioned in the Terms of Service. 

2. 4.2. The user must confirm the Operating Polices and abide by them. 

3. 4.3. The Operating Policies is part of the Terms of Service. 

5. 5. User’s Obligations 

1. 5.1. When using the Service, the User must comply with the Operating Policies, Miscellaneous policies that the Company has stated in the notices, and relevant laws. Users who violate the Terms, Operating Policies, miscellaneous policies, notices and relevant laws, will be subject to limited access to the Service. 

2. 5.2. User must not interfere with the business conducted by G1PLAYGROUND. 

3. 5.3. Without the prior consent of the Company, the user cannot use the Service for the purpose of sales. If you were to do so, the user must take full liability of the sales activities. In the event of any damages, G1PLAYGROUND can claim for damages. 

4. 5.4. Users are responsible for managing their Mobile Device, ID and Password, and they should not share it with a third party. G1PLAYGROUND will take no responsibility and assume no liability for any losses incurred by your negligence of sharing your Mobile Device, ID and Password. 

6. 6. Provide/Change/Close Services 

1. 6.1. In accordance to our policy, G1PLAYGROUND will provide the Services for certain duration of time. As a rule, if there is not a separate notice, it will be provided for 24 hours. 

2. 6.2. In the following incidents, the Service may be interrupted, and G1PLAYGROUND has no obligations to provide it. 

1. 6.2.1. Infrastructure inspection/replacement, regular maintenance, or when there needs to be modifications to the Service; 

2. 6.2.2. Hacking, user abuse, and responding to the instability of the unpredictable Service; 

3. 6.2.3. When Service cannot be provided due to natural disasters, war, emergency, blackout, infrastructure failure and network failure due to the massive user traffic; and 

4. 6.2.4. By law, when certain Users are excluded from accessing the Service 

3. 6.3. If operationally needed, G1PLAYGROUND can partially or entirely change the new “contents” and the contents of the bug patch. The Company is not liable for the User’s expected revenue loss or the loss of benefits which were not provided by the Company. 

4. 6.4. Due to technical or operational issues, the Company can partially or entirely close the Service. If the Service were to close, it will be announced 30 days prior. If the company cannot give you prior notice in the case of some unavoidable circumstances, it’ll notify you afterwards. 

5. 6.5 If G1PLAYGROUND needs to completely close the service due to all the conditions stated above, the user cannot make a claim and request for a refund for the cash items that do not have a set duration. In the case of cash items that do not have a duration upon the close of service, the user can use the item until the Service end date. 

7. 7. Personal Information 

1. 7.1. G1PLAYGROUND works hard to protect the User’s personal information. 

2. 7.2. The Company will adhere to the Privacy Policy to protect Personal Information and Use. However, other than the Company’s service and official site, the Privacy Policy will not be applied to any other services or other company links. If you were to move to other sites, please verify the other company’s Terms of Service or Privacy Policy. 

3. 7.3. Depending on the characteristics of the Service, your nickname or picture may be disclosed to other “Users.” 

4. 7.4. To provide a social community feature, the Company can collect people’s numbers saved in the mobile device of the User’s Contact List. The Company will notify the Users prior to collecting the numbers of people saved in the contact list and request permission from the Users. If the User has a mobile device model that does not have a saved Contact List, they will have restricted access to the social community feature. 

8. 8. Advertisements 

1. 8.1. Some of Services the Company provides to the Users are investment based on the revenue generated from Advertisements. Therefore, it is assumed the User using the Service agrees to the displayed advertisements. 

2. 8.2. G1PLAYGROUND does not take responsibility for any incurred loss the User took by participating, communicating, trading in any published services or advertiser’s promotional activities. 

9. 9. Copyrights 

1. 9.1. The rights and responsibilities of all the works the User posted while using the Service belongs to the User. 

2. 9.2. The copyrights and other intellectual property rights created by the Company belong to the Company. 

3. 9.3. Any information related to the Company or intellectual property information provided by the third party vendor that the User obtained by using the Company’s Service cannot be copied, transmitted, published, distributed, broadcasted or in other means used for commercial purposes without the consent of the Company or the vendor. 

4. 9.4. The User agrees to the Company using displayed Service or Service related communications, images, sound, all data and information that have been uploaded or transmitted by the User or another User. Without prior User consent, the Company will not sell, lease, or transfer the content for the purpose of trade. 

5. 9.5. If a certain post is determined as defamation or invasion of privacy, the Company can take “temporary measures” without notifying the person who uploaded it. Afterwards, depending on the agreement between the two parties, related laws, and the Company’s policies, the post can be deleted or recovered. 

6. 9.6. If the User received any infringement of rights due the information posted on the Company-run bulletin, the User can request the Company to delete the posting or send out a refuting argument. In this case, the Company must quickly take action and notify the petitioning User. 

10. 10. Location Based Services (“LBS”) 

1. 10.1. Utilizing the location information, the Company can recommend nearby members and provide interactive play among members. In addition, the LBS service is provided so that the members can use benefits at a specified store by participating in the advertiser’s event or the content benefit. 

2. 10.2. LBS is only provided for content using location information. 

3. 10.3. LBS is a complimentary service that takes the mobile device’s location information given by the wireless provider. However, the User may accrue data charges while using LBS. 

4. 10.4 The content that uses LBS continuously communicates with the User’s mobile device to collect location information which in turn is reflected in the provided Services. 

5. 10.5. The Company does not use the location information of Users who did not agree to provide that information. 

6. 10.6. If the User did not select auto-login or agree to the location information, the User should be prompted to agree with the LBS every time he or she logs in. If the User disagrees with the LBS, then it’ll be difficult for the User to use the location information based services. 

11. 11. Contents 

1. 11.1. The Company uses an app or network to provide the Service on the mobile device and the User needs to download to install the app by using free WIFI or data plan to use the Service. 

2. 11.2. For commercial content, you may have to pay a separate fee other than the specified amount, and some commercial content includes a fee payment feature. 

3. 11.3. Complimentary contents can be used without cost. However, there are fee payment features in the complimentary content. Therefore, please verify whether the item you are about to purchase is a cash item or not. 

4. 11.4. If you download or use the app via the network, you may accrue an additional data charge from your mobile service provider. Therefore, we recommend you using WIFI when downloading. 

12. 12. Payments & Refunds 

1. 12.1. The User must follow the policies and procedures determined by the Open Market Business and Billing Company and pay accordingly. 

2. 12.2. Cash Items have 2 categories ? refundable cash items and nonrefundable items. For refundable cash items, the User can request for a refund within 7 days of purchase. 

3. 12.3. If 7 days have passed since the purchase or the User used the refundable cash item; the value of the item has significantly decreased; or there’s a restriction on the User’s refund, then there may be a restriction to the subscription withdrawal. 

4. 12.4. Refunds will be given to Users who were overcharged. In principle, if an incorrect amount was charged in the billing process, the User needs to request a refund from the Open Market Business. However, if there’s support for the Open Market Business policy or system return/refund procedures, then the Company can request for the Open Market Business to execute the refund. 

5. 12.5. If the cash items meet the following conditions, then you can request for a refund according to the refund request procedures through the Customer Service Center. 

1. 12.5.1. If the cash item you purchased cannot be used anywhere in the Service, the Company will take liability. (However, 

2. 12.5.2. If there are other circumstances the Company has determined to protect the consumer. 

6. 12.6. For Users who want a refund for the purchased cash item must follow the Company’s refund procedures and the Company will determine whether the request is valid. 

7. 12.7. If the Company decides to give a refund to the User, the Company will calculate the balance of the User’s cash item and give a refund excluding the 10% refund fee. 

8. 12.8. Data charges (call/data rates) from downloading the app or using the network service are excluded from the refund. 

9. 12.9. Items (free/cash items) the Company distributed, gifted items, and items the User didn’t directly purchase are excluded from refund policy. 

13. 13. Service Restriction 

1. 13.1. The User shall not commit the following actions. If you do, you will receive a service restriction appropriate to the action and all the related information (post, picture, video) will be deleted. The User will take responsibilities of the consequences. 

1. 13.1.1. If you use false information to register, request and modify an account and deceive others; 

2. 13.1.2. If you steal another person’s information or mobile device; 

3. 13.1.3. If you change the Company’s program without receiving consent; If you hack the Company server or change all or partial content on the website; If you abnormally use the Company’s service; 

4. 13.1.4. Abusing the program bugs; 

5. 13.1.5. Obtaining cyber assets (account, character, item, in-game money) in an abnormal way; 

6. 13.1.6. Transferring or selling cyber assets; 

7. 13.1.7. Harming the Service or intentionally interfering with the Service; 

8. 13.1.8. Performing Sales while using the Service without Company’s prior consent 

9. 13.1.9. Copying, publishing, or broadcasting the information obtained from the Service or providing the information to a third party without prior consent of the company; 

10. 13.1.10 Transmitting, posting, or distributing information of other people’s patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other intellectual property; 

11. 13.1.11. Transmitting, posting, or distributing obscene/lewd information, sentence, figure, or video to others; 

12. 13.1.12. Transmitting, posting, or distributing very insulting or personal information as an invasion of privacy to others; 

13. 13.1.13. If you constantly harass or threaten other members to make them suffer or feel uncomfortable; 

14. 13.1.14. If you affect the game results by manipulating the outcome or forcing the game to end; 

15. 13.1.15. If the actions you are performing are deemed criminal activities; and 

16. 13.1.16 Any actions that violate the law. 

14. 14. Damages 

1. 14.1. The Company is not liable to any losses the User incurred while using the complimentary Services the Company provided. However, if the Company attributed to the User’s loss, then the Company will make an appropriate compensation for that. 

2. 14.2. If any contents or cash items the Company provided has a major issue and they have been damaged, corrupted, or deleted, the Company must compensate using appropriate means. 

3. 14.3. The Company can sue for incurred damages associated with the User breaching the Terms of Use or other policies the Company designated. 

4. 14.4. If the Company partners up with another company to provide individual services to the user and the user agrees to the third party’s Terms of Service but incurs damages from the third party vendor, then the third party vendor is liable for those damages. 

15. 15. Termination of the Contract 

1. 15.1. Users who want to unsubscribe to their membership need to request for deactivation on the service page or from the customer service center. Once the unsubscription is complete, the users’ service information (points, character, items, game money) will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored. 

2. 15.2. If you were to violate 13. Terms of Service or cause damage to the Company, then the Company can terminate the contract. 

3. 15.3. If you fulfill the second clause, then the user will lose all rights to access the Company’s service and as a result cannot request for a refund or claim for damages. 

16. 16. Disclaimer 

1. 16.1. The Company is not liable for service interruption due to a natural disaster or something beyond human control. 

2. 16.2. The Company is exempt from liability due to the inevitable damages incurred from equipment repair, replacement, maintenance, and construction. 

3. 16.3. The Company is exempt from any service disruption due the User. However, this may not apply if you were to have a valid excuse. 

4. 16.4. The Company is not liable for the reliability and accuracy of the User’s postings/information of the Service. 

5. 16.5. The Company is not liable for the transactions that occurred between users or with a third party using the Service. 

6. 16.6. Otherwise specified, the Company is not liable for the complimentary service it provides. 

7. 16.7. The Company is not liable for the loss or profits the User expected to earn while using the Service. 

8. 16.8. Excluding any loss caused due to the Company’s negligence, the Company is not liable for User’s EXP, ranking, items and game money loss. 

9. 16.9. The user needs to avoid “cash charges” from a third party vendor by setting up passwords on the mobile deceive and Open Market Business. 

10. 16.10. The Company is not liable for a service disruption due to change of device, change of number, international roaming, or changing service carriers. 

11. 16.11. Please be cautious when you decide to delete the content provided by the Company because the Company is not liable for any lost user information (points, character, item, and game money). 

17. 17. Other Terms and Conditions 

The Company is subject to the laws and regulations for conditions not stated in the Terms of Use.

18. 18. Laws and Jurisdiction 

1. 18.1. The Terms of Use and Miscellaneous Company Policies are subject to the laws of the Republic of Korea. 

2. 18.2. If any disputes were to arise between the Company and the User, the first trial will be held in the Seoul Central District Court. 

19. <Supplementary Provisions> 

The Terms of Service went into effect from July x, 2019.

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