Privacy Policy

G1PLAYGROUND("G1PLAYGROUND") is dedicated to protecting the privacy rights of our users. This Privacy Policy informs you the purpose of using the information you provide in connection with any G1PLAYGROUND game or application ("Service") and what efforts G1PLAYGROUND is taking to protect your personal information. 

1. 1. Method of Collecting/Using Personal Information 

1. 1.1 G1PLAYGROUND collects the following personal information: 

1. 1.1.1 User ID (email), password, mobile phone number; 

2. 1.1.2 Name, address, home phone number; 

3. 1.1.3 Mobile phone’s serial number, OS type, OS version, device’s serial number (UUID, UDID), mac address, mobile service provider, IP address; 

4. 1.1.4 GPS tracker, cell site, WIFI-AP (for only location-based services); 

5. 1.1.5 Billing Information; 

6. 1.1.6 Phone number (mobile phone number, home phone number) and name (nickname) from Contacts; 

7. 1.1.7 Game invite ID (for invite features); and 

8. 1.1.8 Facebook ID and friends (for games that connect to Facebook) 

2. 1.2 G1PLAYGROUND collects personal information provided by partnering companies through the user’s mobile device and information provided by the user. The user may decline to provide personal information but will have difficulty or encounter prohibit access to the Service. 

2. 2. Scope of Use of Personal Information 

1. 2.1 The personal information will be used in the following ways: 

1. 2.1.1 User ID (email), Facebook ID: User identification is used to access Service, manage abusers, handle complaints & other user Services, and send notices; 

2. 2.1.2 Password: Authenticating the use for Service; 

3. 2.1.3 Phone number and user name in Contacts and Facebook friend info: Friend matching, game invite, ranking, gift features, and community services; 

4. 2.1.4 Mobile Phone Number: Identify user, handle complaints & other user Services, send notices, and provide cash purchase service; 

5. 2.1.5 GPS tracker, cell site, WIFI-AP (for location-based services only: Measure location-based coordinates; 

6. 2.1.6 Device’s serial number, mac address: New Service, event notice (push notification), user identification & manage abusers; 

7. 2.1.7 Mobile device model, OS type, OS version, mobile service provider: Improve service quality and process statistical data; 

8. 2.1.8 IP Address: Identify abusers & restrict Service, abide by the contract and settle disputes; 

9. 2.1.9 Credit Card Number: Provide cash purchase service; 

10. 2.1.10 Address, phone number: Needed to send a physical prize that the user won in an event; 

11. 2.1.11 Login log (visits): Improve service quality, abide by the contract and settle disputes; and 

12. 2.1.12 Billing Information: Customer service related to purchasing cash items 

3. 3. General Practice Regarding Use and Storage 

1. 3.1 Personal information collected with user’s consent will be archived and used until the user notifies G1PLAYGROUND of the end of the Service date. Once the user opts out of the Service, all the information will be permanently deleted from the system and cannot be accessed. 

However, G1PLAYGROUND can temporarily store User ID (email) for a maximum of 14 days after the user has deactivated the account just in case of identity theft and user protection purposes. After the 14 days have passed, the information will be permanently deleted.

4. 4. Sharing & Providing Personal Information 

1. 4.1 G1PLAYGROUND will only use the user’s personal information for the stated purposes and not provide or disclose user information to a third party without prior consent with the following exceptions: 

1. 4.1.1 User has agreed to the disclosure of personal information; 

2. 4.1.2 User violated the Terms of Service or Terms of Condition stated on the 

3. homepage; 

4. 4.1.3 Due to the user abusing the Service to physically and emotionally harm someone else, there are valid grounds to take legal actions and disclose personal information; and 

5. 4.1.4 Complying with court orders and other legal processes 

5. 5. Personal Information Deletion 

1. 5.1 G1PLAYGROUND will delete any information until it’s no longer needed for business. Any personal information that has been printed will be shredded/burned and any saved virtual data will be permanently deleted. 

6. 6. User and Legal Representative Rights 

1. 6.1 The user and legal representative can request the deletion of personal information at any time. In order to delete personal information, you need to click on Deactivate/Delete Account to request the discontinuation of Service or call the customer service center. Also, you can search or modify registered personal information of you or child (only if you’re the legal guardian). 

2. 6.2 If a user requests a correction in one’s personal information, the relevant information will not be used or provided until it’s been completely modified. In addition, if the incorrect personal information has already been shared with a third party, G1PLAYGROUND will immediately notify the third party and request for the correction. 

7. 7. Installing/Managing Personal Information Auto-Collect Tools 

1. 7.1 To provide a customized service to each of our users, G1PLAYGROUND places “Cookies” and saves user’s information. The server manages the cookies, small data files, saved onto the user’s mobile device. Afterwards, when the user uses the Service, the server reads the data from the cookies saved onto the user’s mobile device and provides customized service. 

2. 7.2 G1PLAYGROUND uses cookies to customize services that are synced with the user’s profile information, and the user has the option of installing the cookies. The user can decide whether or not to install the cookies onto the mobile device, and the cookies can be deleted. However, if the user denies the use of cookies, the user will have difficulty accessing the Service. 

8. 8. Security and Management of Personal Information 

1. 8.1 G1PLAYGROUND has implemented the following technical and administrative measures to secure your personal information from loss, theft, compromise, alteration, and tampering: 

1. 8.1.1 G1PLAYGROUND will do its best to prevent user’s personal information from being hacked or corrupted through a computer virus. As a precautionary measure, G1PLAYGROUND frequently backs up data and uses the most updated anti-virus software to prevent user’s personal information from being compromised or corrupted. Also, personal information is sent through a secure network using a secret algorithm. Furthermore, G1PLAYGROUND blocks any unauthorized external access using the Intrusion Prevention System and tries to have all the technical elements in place to secure data using miscellaneous systems. 

2. 8.1.2 G1PLAYGROUND restricts the people who can have access to user’s personal information. The people who are granted with this access receive regular training on the importance of personal information and how to protect it. They are also given a separate password which is regularly updated. Additionally, there’s a separate internal task force that immediately updates and corrects any personal information related issues that arise. 

2. 8.2 The Service G1PLAYGROUND provides is based on the mobile device. Please be careful not to lose your mobile device because your personal information may be compromised. We advise you to lock your device by setting a password or pattern. Your personal information can be secured with a password, and it’s your responsibility to manage your User ID and password. G1PLAYGROUND is not liable for compromising important personal information if you shared your User ID and password with another person or lost your device due to your personal negligence. 

9. 9. Privacy Policy Changes 

1. 9.1 The terms to G1PLAYGROUND’s Private Policy are subject to change due to law, regulation, and internal policy changes. If any changes do arise to the Private Policy, G1PLAYGROUND will notify the user as a notice when the user logs into the game. 

10. 10. Contacting Us 

1. 10.1 G1PLAYGROUND accepts your opinions and has set up procedures to resolve any complaints regarding your personal information. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at 

11. Addendum 

The private policy has been effective since July 2019

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